Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween! My fave holiday...

I love Halloween, probably just because it is the start of all the holiday season,and I don't have to go out and buy anything except candy and a couple of cute costumes. And this year I only had to buy one costume since Rhett bummed Annie's old Jack-o-lantern, even better!
Annie, Mom, and Rhett on Poppa's hayride at church.

Rhett working on an all-nighter...

The "good" witch, Annie (or not)


Awww...2 smiles at once.

Farewell to Bobby Cox...

Are these people chanting Bobby? Rhett was impressed that everyone at Turner Field knew about his Bobby! Ha! We went with some friends to a Braves game in October. It was a farewell to Bobby Cox that night (which meant nothing to me and the kiddos but snowcones!) We had a good weekend, even though it was short and lots of driving.

It was sooooo hot, and I had overdressed everyone. We had to get snowcones and lemon chills and anything icy to keep us cool.

Mo snow cone!

Before the game...

At the Georgia Aquarium--very cool place!

Not a good pic...don't know why Nate put it on here...

Annie's First Day of Kindergarten

My big girl is a big Kindergartener this year, and loves it!! She has an awesome class (of 14--perfect), an awesome teacher, and an awesome school--GO CATS! She was, of course, nervous but had a wonderful first day. I even had some tears as I dropped her off, which was strange for me actually. But then, ya know what? I found out the next day that I was pregnant! Well, that explains it! And all the tears that came after that news too!

Annie at her table of four sweetie girls!

Mrs. Master rocks!

Ready for work...

The before school pose...

and more...

Gulf Shores Part I

Ok I'm gonna do some catching up from Summer although everyone's already heard the stories. In August, we made our yearly trek to Gulf Shores for a "fun" and "relaxing" week, except the fun ended about 4 hours into our trip. Annie started throwing up in mom's car; she had obviously caught a TERRIBLE stomach virus at VBS the previous night. Long story short, she never got better and we had to put her in the hospital with an IV, right there in Alabama.
We stayed one extra day just to give her one day at the beach. :( Anyway it will be a vacation to remember, just not "fondly " remember.

I'm so cute!

Outside Souvenir City or "The Shark"

We love the beach!

Love in an elevator...


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Golf Course Gophers!

If anyone wants to know where we are EVERY night of the summer (except church nights), we are at the Newport Country Club playing on the golf course. We eat supper, then head out for a gc ride and run on the course. It's been so hot, but that does not stop these guys from playing hard. :)
Little monkey climbed up in the basket....

Most beautiful golfer. . .

Surely this one will go in....

Takin' off the shoes; who needs 'em?

I want to be just like my daddy!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Scooby Doo Swaray

Ann loves Scooby and Rhett doesn't care, so Scooby it was! Poor thing didn't even know it was his party, too. He had fun, though!
Blowing out the partly lit candles...

Another year; anther fabuous Sabra cake...

New BIG CURVE waterslide...

I don't do much slidin'

I do!

Swimming Lessons

We had another round of successful Harding swimming lessons this year.

This is how she always jumps. :)

Almost my turn to jump!

Liked lessons this time.

Gym Star!

Annie took gymnastics this year in McCrory from Sherri Breckenrigde. Monica, if you see this, yes, it's the Sherri that taught us! She had a lot of fun and got a major workout each week. A little different from Gym Dancers! These pics are from her end of the year program.

Another trophy...I'm awesome!

Ladies and gentlemen...Annie Watson.

Guys cut it out...ha!

Lost and Not Found

Annie lost her first (and second) tooth at the end of the school year. She didn't even know the first one was gone until the carpool mom said, "Annie your tooth is gone!" Don't know if she swallowed it at lunch or what. The tooth fairy came anyway, THANK GOODNESS!
Look at me!

Look at me CLOSER!

Look at me with TWO teeth gone!

HA Last Day!

Annie's last day of Pre-K was a party at Gym Stars. Whoo hoo!
Annie and M

Annie and Macie

Not sure...


Wild party for Wild Cats!